The Feud | Survey v011

Just like the classic TV version, the game works best when there are "100 people surveyed"!  That is where I need your help!  Doing Corporate Events and Wedding Rehearsal Dinners are becoming more and common, and I love to offer something that is truly fun and creative.  If you wouldn't mind, take the next 5-15 minutes and answer all the questions below.  Your responses will be used for my version of The Feud!

Key things to remember as you are completing this...

Keep your answers to one or two words
Try not to use "The" or "A" before your answer
Try to write the first thing that pops into your head
If you share this link, please don't share your answers (where is the fun in that!?)
Have Fun!

If you enjoyed this, and would like to have me out to your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner, Corporate Event, Church Event or pretty much any event, feel free to email me at, or visit my website at  
Thanks so much!!  :-)