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How amazing would it be to take the day before your wedding to relax, laugh and enjoy it, rather than trying to keep your friends and families occupied for 3-4 hours longer than you honestly really want to.  It's not because you don't like them, but you've just put days, months, even years into an event that will be happening the following day, and you're tired.  You just want to enjoy them, and not have to worry about anything.  This is where I come in.  Rehearsal Dinners are a JOY for me, because of a few different reasons.

1: It gives me the ability to meet all the special people in your lives, introduce myself and begin the very quick process of becoming integrated into the Wedding, so then when "tomorrow" comes, there isn't a random person that they don't know, talking to them and asking them questions if needed.  
2: Allowing yourself to relax and enjoy the evening before your wedding is VITAL for the wedding going smoothly.  You have SO MANY different things going on with Photographers, Videographers, Food, Drinks, Transportation and more... why not take the few last hours of being a single person and enjoy them with your close friends?  It'll relax you, and allow you to enjoy the wedding even more!
3: Humor and Laughter are amazing elements to add into your TWO separate families.  People connect through smiling, laughing and engaging one another on a lighthearted level.  That is my goal for your two families.  Most of the time, Your family doesn't know their side very well, and visa versa.  There is nothing wrong with that, but over the last 14 years, I have come to the very direct and "scientific conclusion" that when both sides know each other before the wedding, the actual Day-Of has a more cohesive feel to it.  It's science!


With my Rehearsal Dinner services,
you will get everything included below!

  • I will attend your Rehearsal at your Venue, and help facilitate and communicate to your Bridal Party as well as give incredible insight to you, your fiance and Bridal Party about what to expect on the following day.

  • I will bring with me a small powered speaker, and all of your chosen Ceremony special songs... Bridal Party Entrance, Bride Grand Entrance, Recessional, etc. This will allow you all to practice walking into the Ceremony with the actual music that will be used the following day. There is nothing worse that choosing a song that is too short, and then having an awkward silence as your Matron Of Honor tries to get down the isle quickly, because all the Bridesmaids took too long.

  • I will arrive 30 Minutes before the rehearsal starts, and be ready to go on time.

  • I will then meet you and your guests at your dinner venue... it might be at the same location or a different location, normally they are semi-close to one another to keep travel down. Once guests arrive, I will then be your Host for your Rehearsal Dinner and begin preparing the evenings Interactive Elements for your dinner.

  • Interactive Elements could include a Game Show element like The Feud, Jeparody, Wheel of 4 Chin, The Big Pyramid... or maybe smaller elements. Depending on the room size, the guest count and how much time is allowed goes into each and every choice. All elements are custom make for your Rehearsal Dinner! My goal is make the Rehearsal Dinner something that your family and friends are raving about, almost as much as the actual wedding!

  • At the end of the evening, I will take a few moments to speak with everyone about the next day, give special details to them all and allow you to enjoy your time with them before sending them off for your final evening together with your fiance!


If you are interested me coming out and taking care of you and your guests far better than they could have imagined, feel free to fill out the Rehearsal Dinner Request Form below.  Complete that, and I will be in contact with you within 24 hours!  

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Find me online to see special behind the scenes footage and get first glimpses of new Game Shows being added all the time!

Frequently Asked Questions about Rehearsal Dinner Services

Q: Do I have to be hired as your wedding DJ to provide Rehearsal Dinner Services?
A: Not at all!  If I am available for your date, I am happy to provide Rehearsal Dinner Services as a stand alone service!

Q: What is the pricing?
A: Of course the investment is less if you already have me booked for your wedding, but Rehearsal Dinners start at $400 and go up from there.  Depending on what elements you want, which game show environment and special needs of the venue, effect the overall entertainment investment.

Q: How long have you been doing Rehearsal Dinners?
A: I have been in the Wedding and Events Industry for 14 years now.  Out of those 14 Years, I really got serious about Rehearsal Dinners about 4 years ago.  I saw that more and more couples wanted something extra special, memories from not just the wedding, but all aspects of what the guests and VIPs were a part of, and felt that "void" needed to be filled.  With my background, this fits my wheelhouse perfectly, and love having clients invite me out for an amazing time!