Pin Spotting, in it's simplest form, is taking a highly focused LED light and directing it to a certain object or focal point of your event.  For weddings, as an example, you could focus it on the cake, or the head table, or the center of VIP tables, maybe take several of them and have them directed to certain points in the room that you enjoy... the possibilities are literally endless.  I am happy to offer pin-spotting because I know what it does to a room, and how it can help change the room from "regular" to "amazing!".  


Ben Poenisch

“Professional lighting helps the photographer and videographer do their job. It gives more depth to their work and helps highlight the hard work you put into planning.”

Ben Poenisch | Rewind Documentaries


The lighting that I use for pin-spotting, is just like most of all my other lighting.  Professional Grade, completely LED and battery powered.  What does that mean to you?  That means that you will have the industries BEST lighting for your event!  With the ability to hang the lighting almost anywhere, I currently have the most versatile lighting in the state of Indiana.  One of the most asked questions about Pin Spotting is how long do the batteries last.  It's a great question, and with my lighting, I am able to set them on 5 different power modes.  1 being the brightest and most powerful going down to 5 which is the dimmest and least powerful.  Brighter doesn't always mean better when it comes to Pin Spotting.  You want a beautiful light that will enhance what it being shined on, and you want your guests to enjoy it as well.  I normally set the Pin Spot lights on 3, and it gives a wonderful tone.  On setting three, I can easily get at least 10+ hours of run time. 

Please contact me to find out of your venue is able to be Pin Spot lit today!  Feel free to take a look below at how it can be another way to transform your room!


Sarah Kriner

“Light is one of the most important aspects of my work, and it has the ability to make or break a beautiful moment. It's so important to have properly lit conditions, especially during receptions where it's often dark! Ambient lighting not only adds to the mood of the photographs, it makes me feel free to make more artistic decisions.”

Sarah Kriner | Sarah Kriner Photography