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Brand New Mobile App Now Available!

THe Jared Wade Entertainment Mobile App here finally here!
Take a look to see what is in the app, and how to request new features!
Perfect for those that are planning their special event, looking for reviews, working in the industry and so much more!

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Recent Reviews | Angela & Dennis Welidishofer

A VERY big thank you to Angela and Dennis for allowing me to join them on their big day! 

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Vlog | Jessica & Brandon Hiland | Indianapolis Wedding DJ

November 21st 2015 was a a tad... snowy.  However, it made for some amazingly magical and VERY unique photos and video moments for Jessica and Brandon. #ProfessionalEventHost #EndOfNightShot

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What's going on during October 2014?!

What's Going On During October?!  

Normally on Tuesdays I write about weddings, but this week, I thought I would do something a little different and give you a glimpse on what is going on within my life, my family, my business and my future!  #Exciting

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5 Misconceptions of a Wedding DJ

Jared takes a look at 5 misconceptions of Wedding DJs.  We've all heard what most people "think" DJs, and what they don't and everything in between but journey with him through 5 of the most common!

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