4 Things To Do Before Hiring Your Wedding Entertainment

You've found the venue, set the date, probably gone dress shopping, and picked your bridal party. Now you're starting to nail down the details, including who to use to entertain your guests for your big day! Here are 4 things you absolutely have to consider before signing the dotted line for your wedding entertainment:

1. Read their reviews

THOROUGHLY!! This can't be stated enough. You want to know what their past clients have to say about them. Are they better for small weddings? Great with older crowds? Refuse to play a certain genre of music? These are things you'll definitely want to know!

2. Meet with them

Preferably in person or AT LEAST through a video chat (try Zoom if you're looking for a great video conference platform). It's important to put a face and personality to the name and business. You'll want to know who you're about to sign a contract with, and want to know if your personalities click.

3. See what your friends think

Talk to your family and friends, and get their opinion on the option you're looking at. After all, they'll be there enjoying the party with you, and hey may be able to offer some great insight that you hadn't considered.

4. See them in action

Ask them for a video of them doing their thing! You'll definitely have a better idea of who you're working with if you see a video of how they can entertain a crowd.