5 Reasons You Should Be Using SLACK To Plan Your Wedding

If you are like me, you are probably saying "what the heck is Slack?".  That was what I was saying about 4 months ago.  The simplest and easiest way to describe Slack would be... if you take the group element of a Facebook Group, sort it like a web forum, separate into sub-channels like Reddit, allow uploading of almost any file type like Google Drive, but still be able to customize additional add on.... THAT is Slack.  Basically, it's a super feature rich chatting program that integrates into any desktop platform, and almost any mobile platform, to allow you to use one application to chat with all those that you need to chat with.  One past Bride of mine I found out actually uses it at her work, and she loves it!  They have a core "Team" and then different channels for lunch chat, projects they are working on, marketing objectives and so much more.  Watch the video below, it's only a couple minutes long, from my friends at Sandwich Video, and does a great job explaining everything you read up above!

SO, here are MY top 5 reasons why you should be using Slack for
your wedding planning and prep!

Number One: Ease of Communication

I know this probably sounds silly, but even with technology being pretty incredible these days, when you are working on a large project, like a wedding, it's helpful to stream line everything as much as possible.  With Slack, you are able to do that in one app!  The channels (which we will talk about here a second) allow you to set up different chat services for your different aspects of your wedding.  This allows you the ability to chat with who you NEED to, in order to take care of simple questions and issues that might arise.

Number Two: Channels

Channels are set up using the hashtag system.  You can make them private or public, so anyone can join, but not everyone might need to be in every group.  I for example, as your Host, Emcee and DJ, wouldn't need to be in your #Floral, #Photo or #Dinner channels, but could be in your #Reception, #Ceremony and/or #Music channels.  The ability to make them private or public gives you greater flexibility to only allow those that you would like.  

Number Three: Multi-Platform Integration

Being a small business owner, and always on the move, sometimes I am on my phone, or my tablet or my laptop... or sometimes on all three!  Slack has done an amazing job integrating their service on all three major platforms.  Desktop, Tablet and Phone.  Since you are probably planning your wedding from those same three devices, wouldn't it be great to have a service that allowed you to use all three, at the same time, all the time?  I thought so!  I have yet to have any issues with any device, and have even started using it more with my tabletop friends as well as other business groups.  

Number Four: Sharing and Uploads

One of my major gripes with Facebook Messenger, SMS, MMS and other group messengers that are out there is the lack of support for sharing files other than a photo or video.  With Slack, you are able to upload just about any type of file and share it with a specific channel or person!  This is a huge thing to consider when you have coordinators sending you floor plan updates, and DJs sending you order of event updates to confirm.  There is a TON of paperwork that goes into a wedding, and some of it you only need to see a couple times.  
This sharing feature is a HUGE plus for me!

Number Five: FREE

Everything that I have mentioned above, and more, is completely FREE!  That's right, $0!  They do have paid plans that offer additional features, but for planning ones wedding, the free version is more than perfect!  No Ads, great software, perfect applications for planning and so much more!  

So there you have it!  My top 5 reasons why you should give Slack a look see, and start using it for your wedding, and I promise, you'll probably start using it in more of your daily life!  

Don't believe me?  Here are the 5 runner-ups!  

Number Six: Additional Slack Integration Add-On's with Google Drive, Dropbox,
Soundcloud, Twitter and more!
Number Seven: Direct Messaging to others in the Team
Number Eight: Super deep searching options
Number Nine: Completely Ad Free
Number Ten: Time Saver!  Granted, I still recommend email for super important communication, but Slack more than takes care of all your conversation needs!  To quote Slack... "Our customers see an average 48.6% reduction in internal email, helping them enjoy a simpler, more pleasant, and more productive work life."  
I can see it... you should too!!