Mariel & Christopher Hendricks | September 13th 2014

Mariel & Christopher.  Cutest couple award has to go to them, it HAS to!

Way back in September of 2014, these two crazy kids decided to get married out at the Indianapolis Zoo with the help from our good friend Erica.  It was a little chilly as the night went on, but other than that, they had outstanding guests and friends there to keep the floor dancing all night long.  The Ceremony was beautiful, short and to the point.  Mariel looked amazing, as always... and Christopher had a million things on his plate to take care of.  One thing that stood out to me was that during our conversations before and after the wedding, he kept the focus on Mariel.  Everything that was said back and forth, had a focus of making sure that everything she wanted, was going to happen.  I know that might not sound like a lot for some of you, but during a wedding it can be very easy to lose track of why you are there, and why are marrying the other person.  I can say, without a doubt in my mind, that Chris never lost that focus.  I am sure that Mariel had it too, lol, however, I didn't chat with her until the Reception.  Once again, I was able to work with the amazing Ben Poenish and Bailey Roberts as the two official photographers for the day!!   The photos above are not their work... lol... theirs is MUCH better!