Courtney & John Brown | September 5th 2014

Feel free to click play and listen to Michael Buble's "Everything", Courtney and John's first dance song, while you read about them.  They won't mind.  ;-)

Courtney and John.  Have you ever met someone, and just knew, from that first moment, that they were awesome?  From our first meet and greet in Broad Ripple, I knew that Courtney, John, and Piper, were people that I wanted to represent and get to know.  I wanted their guests to know how much they love each other, how much they love Piper and how much they love their families... which now I am part of... kinda.  The first thing that jumped out at me was the fact that the Ceremony AND Reception were both going to be at Serendipity in Plainfield Indiana.  Being a Plainfield resident, I was stoked because it was a venue I was very familiar with, but also, it gave us a flexibility to meet there whenever we needed to.  Along the way to the big day many things happened....

  • Courtney, John, Piper and myself all got a nasty flu/cold that was going around a the same time.  Upside to that?  When we met, none of us felt bad about blowing our noses like crazy!
  • John went bear hunting... yes, I said bear... and didn't catch anything.  So during the rehearsal dinner, he had to rock a semi-Tom Selleck mustache... it was nice.
  • Courtney and I became extreme texting buddies!

The event as a whole was beautiful!  From the start to the end, the wonderful team of Katie and Brandon from Bungalow Photography were on tap and doing an outstanding job. In addition, they also provided all the photos below.  I say it all the time, but working with great professionals is a blessing that I will never stop appreciating!  Wrapping up the evening, Courtney and I grabbed a quick selfie and I wished them well.

But that wasn't the end.

The following Sunday, my wife Maggie and I were slated to fly to Vegas for a DJ Conference, and who else was flying out that same morning?  Yup, Courtney and John!  It was an honor to introduce everyone to one another and grab a quick breakfast together before they headed out on their honeymoon.  It was an extreme privilege to be part of their day, and very happy to call them my friends!  :-)