Ashley & Zachary Fisher | August 23rd 2014

There literally aren't enough kind things to say about Ashley & Zachary.  They had a heck of a job to do putting together a complete wedding out at Avon Gardens, and with that comes the "gentle" task of preparing for mother nature.  Sadly, mother nature didn't provide the atmosphere for their original plans of getting married in sunlight, but what it DID provide was some amazing evening photos, a nice cool reception and a chance for all their guests to get to know each other really well!  The Ceremony was moved to the Reception area, and all went forward as planned.  Once they were pronounced man and wife, there was a thunder crack, guests were escorted to the tent and the rain came in.  But only for about an hour.  After that, the photographer Brittany Erwin and her husband worked with me one on one in making sure that everything went off without a hitch... and we did it with style!  At the end of the evening, there was still a nice group of around 20+ friends and family for the famous "End Of Night Shot", and with hugs and hand shakes, we said our good byes.  Their First Dance, "I Won't Give Up" from Jason Mraz, seemed to fit the evening perfectly, so feel free to take a listen to it below as you look through some photos that were very graciously donated to this blog from Brittany Erwin Photography.  Fun group from beginning to end, and even though things didn't go "to plan", the wedding and party still happened!  Congrats Ashley & Zachary, and I can't wait to see you down the road!  :-)