Abby & Josh Baker | August 9th 2014

There are few times that I am able to sum up a Bride and Groom into one word each, but with Abby and Josh, I feel VERY confident that I can.... Abby = Focused // Josh = Energetic.

Both Abby and Josh, from the first meeting, knew what they wanted and knew that a big party was part of that.  It was a joy to work with them, to help them plan out how their first dance was going to happen at the Scottish Rite Cathedral's main reception area, while their guests stayed on the 3rd floor Cocktail Hour area to watch from above.  Each table had amazing flowers from Lilly Lane, and while setting up I was able to catch up with Becky... which is always nice!  

Downtown was full of happenings but the professionals that finished out the group took it with stride.  Audrey from Audrey Wolf Photography and Jesse and his team from Love's Reel arrived, set up quickly and were on tap for the evening to move forward quickly.  Of course after we got through the ceremonial aspects, we went full force into the dance, and from 1st song to last, Abby and Josh's friends and families filled the floor until they HAD to leave.  It was an honor to represent Event One DJ for Abby & Josh.  I wish them the very best and look forward to seeing them again at their friends wedding!  :-)