Kristin & Whitt Dunning | July 5th 2014

My dad is in the Navy.  Well, he used to be.  A year or so ago, he retired after 25+ years serving this amazing country we get to call home.  My personality never really "fit" the whole military style and, for reasons that should be very obvious, I opted to pursue training and teachings in Event Hosting, Music and Comedy... again, not really the military style.  However, I have a great deal of respect for those that serve our country.  Who go out and are willing to die for our freedom.  That is something that I respect so much, saying "thank you" doesn't give it it's due justice.  

Whitt is just that.  A military man.  Kristin and Whitt got married and then had their reception at the Indiana War Memorial, and I couldn't think of a more appropriate place for them to have a party, than surrounded by friends, families and every branch of service we have.  Once again, I was able to work with my friends Kevin and Alicia from Monahan Photography, and as always, they were very laid back, relaxed and a joy to work with.  Congratulations to Kristin and Whitt and enjoy your new life together!!  :-)