Kristina & Bryan Ziolkowski | June 14th 2014

Trains.  Trains are pretty much at the core of Kristina & Bryan... or Bryan at least.  I remember when we met for the first time, after Marla & Alan's wedding, and we were talking about how they wanted to be introduced.  They wanted something different, but they wanted something of their very own.  I feel they nailed it!  I was able to make a soundtrack of a train pulling into the station, along with a voiceover of their bridal party arriving and then finally Kristina & Bryan!  2 minutes and 30 seconds that they will be able to keep and listen to again, down the road... or tracks if you will.  ;-)  

I was able to work with Marty Moran from Bello Romance Photography, minus his parter Emily, who was off at another Wedding.  Marty and have had a great relationship where we both have the same focus and goal throughout the entire evening... Making sure that the Bride and Groom are having FUN!  Put together a team that has THAT at their core, and you are set!  Along with The Atrium in Greenwood, it was a great time, all night long!  Well, at least until they had to leave!