Sarah & Mark Roberts | May 31st 2014

There are few couples that are as genuine and awesome as Sarah & Mark.  I had the pleasure of meeting them a year ago at Doug & Kelsey's wedding up at Purdue Memorial Union back in 2013, and before they left the reception, they came up to me and knew that I needed to be at their wedding this year.  It is humbling to have a couple come up to me, and have me at their special day, and for that, I am grateful!  The other thing that stood out to me, and to most of the other staff members of the Ross-Aid Stadium staff was that it was a dry wedding.  Some are concerned about dry weddings, because that means that there is no alcohol.  In all honestly, I've never had an issue with it.  I am not a big drinker, and my wife Maggie and I had a dry reception as well, and guess what?!  We still all had a blast!  Sarah & Mark were outstanding the entire evening, even up to the point where came over and chatted for a few before heading out to their newly decorated car, lol.  I was able to work along side the wonderful Michael Meeks who is apparently the ONLY photographer that I get to work with when I am hosting an event up in Lafayette Indiana due to him being one of the best!