What's going on during October 2014?!

A few other DJs and Hosts that I met while training in Las Vegas way back in September.

So, normally on Tuesdays I write about a past wedding that I was able to be part of.  I feel that seeing that over and over again can get a little repetitive, so I thought I would change it up, and once a month give everyone an update as to what all is going on with my life, my company Circle City Gameshows as well as with what is around the corner!  Enjoy!

Oliver is in LOVE with trains.  Here in Indiana we still have a few that run throughout the year!  

My Life

Things are going really well!  Oliver, our son who is 4 and autistic, is doing absolutely amazing with school and attempting to communicate verbally.  It's still a struggle and things are still hit a miss sometimes, but we are growing together, and I can't complain about that at all!  Ivy, our little 17 month old daughter, is a talker, a walker, a climber, a giggler and everything else in between.  If you are ever having a bad day, she will cheer you up... instantly!  

Recent Cake Topper that I saw out at Avon Gardens... really simple, and I dug it!


It's that time of the year when Wedding "season" starts to slow down.  Coming up around the corner, I know off the top of my head that I have a wedding with my friends Marty & Emily from Bello Romance Photography... my buddy Michael from Michael Anthony Photography... Shaun and his team from 3to1 Video as well as my friend Cathy Teeters!  Should be a great October for weddings here in Indiana!!  :-)

Recently, Coors Light had us provide game show equipment and lighting for a commercial shoot!

Circle City Gameshows

October is FULL.  Like... REALLY FULL!  The Indianapolis Zoo has brought us into their ZooBoo this year, and 1 weekend is complete!  I would highly encourage you all to come out to the Zoo on Friday, Saturday or Sunday over the next 3 weekends to have an amazing time with your whole family!  Circle City Gameshows will be hosting animal trivia from 2pm-7pm all weekend long!  I personally won't be out there every day, but we have a great team of Hosts and Production staff, that make it fun for everyone!  

Hardware is all on site now!  Recording starts soon!

The Podcast Network

Recordings have begun now that all equipment has been purchased, and I am excited to start providing not only Wedding content for everyone to enjoy, but also special content for those that are interested in it!  My friend and DJ brother, Tony, will be hosting a show with me that will be more focused on the other aspects of our lives including the excitement of our families, being nerds in Indy, our love of music (not just playing Celebration at Weddings) and much more.  Make sure to tune in!  

See you all in November!  :-)