5 Common Courtesies of a Wedding Client

Photo: Jared Wade | Professional Event Host

Photo: Jared Wade | Professional Event Host

Earlier today on Facebook, my friend Erin Hession-Wooten made a very simple and straight forward post about some struggles she, and basically all wedding professionals, face while trying to meet, plan and execute a very important day in someone's life.  I thought I would expand on that a little and name 5 Common Courtesies that a client can extend to professionals as well as a brief explanation on each.  Leave your thoughts below, and I am already working on the 5 Common Courtesies of a Wedding Professional blog post now!  ;-)

1: Please understand your Weekends are my Weekdays - Working during the week happens for me, just like you, but my weekends are more like your standard 9 to 5 weekday job.  Granted I get to celebrate and be part of an amazing event, but still, I'm working.  Meeting together for a Meet & Greet or a planning meeting normally only can happen on a Monday-Thursday, the chances of a weekend meeting are slim to none because I am either booked, or if I'm not booked, I have the ability to spend it with my family.  :-)

2: We'd appreciate it if you show up to meetings on time - As a wedding professional, my schedule is kinda wonky.  Sometimes I am working later into the evenings, and sometimes I am working only during the day.  My schedule with my family and other clients is just as important as your meeting, so please be respectful of that.  If for some reason you have to reschedule, it's cool, stuff happens!  Just call me well in advance and all will be well.   :-)

3: On behalf of ALL professionals, be excited about getting Married! - If you aren't excited or at least happy about getting married, how am I supposed to be?  If one side or the other is being forced into the marriage, it will come out, and normally most professionals can sense that.  

4: PLEASE, Don't assume... ever - Assuming is the first step is placing a wedge between you and your wedding professionals.  Modern technology is amazing because you are able to call, text, email, Skype, Google Hangout and FaceTime with anyone at the drop of a hat.  If you aren't clear on what someone is doing, simply ask.  Trust me, true professionals won't get mad.  I know I would, personally, take it as a sign of respect that you would come to me versus assuming and then making a situation worse.  :-)

5: You hired them now trust the Professionals - When you finally make a decision on that perfect fit for your Host & DJ, Photographer, Videographer, Planner, etc... part of the reason HAS to be that you trust them.  If you didn't trust them, you wouldn't have given them the ability to be at your wedding to celebrate with you and help make your day as special and amazing as possible.  When things are going a direction that professionals can see isn't good, we will say something to you.  Trust us.  Trust that we want the absolute best for you, and trust that suggestions and encouragement that we give you is honestly what we feel will be best for you and your guests.

Those are just 5, but do YOU have any additional Common Courtesies that you think should be added?  Write them down below and let me know!  Thanks!  :-)