Lighting... Up, Down, Pin or Dance?

Sometimes, it's tough to decide on what type of lighting you should have for event.  There are factors that are in play that make it difficult to know when, how and where lighting has a place.  For example, you walk in to a room at a large downtown location, and it is perfect!  You see LOTS of pictures online of how it's set up, how it looks and you realize one thing.  Even with different table coverings, silverware and plates... all the pictures look the same.  Exactly. The. Same.  Then you look around a little more and you see the same venue, with lighting.  Uplighting, Pin Spots, great dance floor lights.  The walls match the Bridesmaids dresses and the dance floor is packed with people, because of one major thing that most couples overlook.  


Will lighting of any kind make or break the dance itself?  No.  Not at all.  Will it HELP it dramatically?  Absolutely!  Let's take a look at 4 of the most popular lighting choices that couples have for their wedding.

1: Up Lighting - Up Lighting is one of the most requested services for lighting we offer.  This is designed to highlight walls, areas and entrances into certain rooms (if a multi-room reception).  The process of programming the correct colors, planning meetings with our clients and making sure that everything is working 100% is NOT a simple job.  One light not being on, means that it throws the entire feel and structure off.  Just like a Ceremony, we only get one shoat at this.  Up Lighting can even be used as overall lighting!  Having an outdoor wedding?  Why not Up Lighting the inside of the tent, and then not have to worry about lighting for everyone once it gets dark?!

2: Down Lighting - Down Lighting a  little different, but can add something very dramatic to your reception.  Instead of the lighting going up a wall, lighting is placed above and shined down onto tables, or focal points in the room to give a nice colored separation.

3: Pin Spot Lighting - Pin Spot Lighting is something that has been around for a whle, but not popular for some unknown reason.  You can do SO MUCH with pin spot lighting!  Personally, I like to have Pin Spots on Tables, Cakes, First Dances and any focal point of the evening.  Having multiple lights is GREAT and adds a TON of character to your reception to make it really stand out!

4: Dance Floor Lighting - Most people always overlook dance floor lighting.  You don't have to go crazy with lighting, but it is important to have some lighting to help your guests know how to separate the dance floor and non-dance floor.  You can add simple flood lights, or go up to moving heads.  However, I personally feel that a few effect lights mixed with simple wash lights will always be classic, fun and just the right "pop" your dance floor needs.

Whichever type you choose, make sure that it reflects who you both are.  You don't want to look back and regret having certain types of lighting because it was popular, or a fad.  Trust the professionals that you have hired.  :-)

Jared Wade is owner of Sure Tones Entertainment and has actively been in the wedding industry in Indianapolis Indiana for 12 years.  As a full time Wedding DJ and Event Host, his training allows him the flexibility to learn what is popular now, tomorrow and in the future.  Jared's goal is to help educate and teach Brides and Grooms to focus on what they want for their big day, and help them as much as possible to get there.  Please feel free to contact him at with questions, or to set up a free 30 minute Event and Wedding Consultation.