I’ll pay you to let me play at your wedding!

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There is a cool website that I recently came across called  They focus NOT on promotion of any specific company, but rather educating brides and answering questions.  This post is straight from their website, and I would encourage you all to check them out to read the full article!  

"We often get calls from brides and grooms, and the first thing they ask is price.  They assume that hiring a DJ is a matter of getting the ‘cheapest’ one because, after all, they’re all ‘the same’, right?  While I’ll save the ‘all the same’ for another post at another time… let’s talk about pricing and DJ’s and what you get at the most basic of levels.

DJ’s all bring a PA system, music, and run the PA system.  Let’s make that the lowest common denominator for the purposes of our discussion and take a look at the prices they charge vs. what’s needed on this most basic of levels.

A PA system is a must for a DJ if they want to be heard.  It requires a fairly basic set up but enough wattage for the number of people you expect.  And while a DJ can provide this – you can also rent a PA system from many of the venues in the area when you book your reception.  One local venue even provides a sound technician to run the system with it.  All for the low, low price of $550.  Oh, plus that 22% convenience surcharge, plus a 9% sales tax.  That’s $731.39 for a PA system.  Oh, did I mention that if you want that on the beach the price goes up a minimum of $50 (+22%+9% or $797.88!).

Now I wonder, why would a DJ provide a sound system for less than the cost of a rental?  Plus bring their own music library?  Plus perform for 4 hours or more.  Plus put in some amount of time on sales, marketing, and planning their performance (we can hope) at your wedding.  ALL FOR LESS THAN WHAT IT COST TO RENT THE EQUIPMENT?

If you went to the mechanic and he said, ‘You know what?  The parts for this repair will cost you $1000 but I’ll fix your car for $500 ‘  you’d wonder what was up wouldn't you?  You might be concerned where he’s going to cut corners or if he’s going to do a good job.  After all, how can someone do the job for less than what it cost buy the parts?.... " [CLICK HERE TO READ MORE]