21st Century Wedding Planning - Organization

Now a days, more and more Brides and Event Planners are turning to the World Wide Web to assist them in their planning of their big day.  With so much going on, sometimes small, easy and helpful tools can be used to help you with the entire planning.  In this Part 1 of the 21st Century Wedding Planning series, we are going to take a look at three different services, that are all free, that anyone can use, and I will highlight three items I feel are extremely useful in planning.  If you are a Android or Apple fan, it's all good, you're able to use all these with either or!  :-)


Pro 1: Almost everyone that you know, or are inviting has a Facebook page, use that to your advantage!  Create a private event, and invite all those that you've officially invited to the wedding to join the group.  This is a great way to communicate with them all directly. 

Pro 2: Use Facebook to your benefit.  Look around for groups that you are going to find other Brides and Wedding Professionals that can help educate you on questions you might come up on.  One group I am part of, Bridal Sorority, has a great selection of many professionals willing to help.  The professionals that are within that group focus on helping, not selling.   

Pro 3: No matter what social media outlet you prefer, almost everyone circulates their stuff through Facebook.  Find those professionals that you have hired, or are thinking about hiring, and see what they are doing on there.  Are they supportive, or destructive online?   


google drive.jpg

Pro 1: It's like Microsoft Office, but free, and on the cloud, which means that you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection!  Everyone has either a spreadsheet or a word document that you are always updating and modifying.  Google Drive does an awesome job allowing you to not only save files, but also modify them online too!  

Pro 2: How many times have you been working on a sheet and you wished that the other people you are working with, could work on it as well?  With Google Drive you can!  You can give access to those that you would like to, and then you all have the ability to get online and work on your wedding together! 

Pro 3: Forms and Pictures.  Forms is a great solution for those that would like to find out additional information from their guests.  I have even seen it used as the RSVP service, and once people fill out the form, you can tell it to go directly to a spreadsheet (excel)!  Pictures is awesome for those that might want a little more clarification on how things will be set up.  Just like Pro 2, you can start a picture, and invite those that are working with you on the event.  You can all edit, and communicate, allowing you to be informed about any issues the others might see, that you might have over looked. 



Pro 1: Gas is getting pricey... very pricey.  Most professionals do have an office, but you'll have to drive everywhere to get there.  Skype is a great free way to video chat those meetings rather than driving all over town.  

Pro 2: Skype offers a great feature, multi-conferencing.  This is something that I love, and encourage every Bride I work with to do about 2-3 weeks prior to the Big Day.  Have all the professionals you are working with, DJ, Photographer, Catering, Videographer, Photo Booth, etc all plan on a 1 hour Skype meeting.  Everything can be discussed, and the stress that is lifted from your shoulders is pretty amazing!  

Pro 3: No matter where you are, if you have an internet connection, you can have your meeting.  Skype is wonderful for those that might want to have family members join in a meeting, that live out of town.  Skype is also perfect for those planner and couples that live out of town themselves and need a way to communicate with their professionals.  Email is great, Skype is better!

Want to learn more about becoming a Digital Bride?  Shoot me an email and I can sit down with you, even if I am not your host or DJ, and I can sit down with you to help you become one... as well as the envy to your non-digital friends!  Info@SureTonesEntertainment.com  -- Jared :-)