Dirty Dancing vs VMA 2013

OK, so most of you out there watched the MTV Video Music Awards last night, right?  We were all excited about the return of N'Sync (for 2 whole minutes!) and watching some of our favorite artists, hopefully do some amazing things on stage.  Right?  RIGHT?!  Whelp, if you didn't get a chance to watch it, take a look at the clip from Hannah Montana herself.. Ms. Miley Cyrus.  I normally don't write about other entertainers in a negative view, but HOLY COW lady!  My wife and I were watching it via YouTube last night and we got about 45 seconds in, looked at each other and said "what the heck is going on here?".  I watched the rest because Robin Thicke (who I have been a fan of for a VERY long time) came out and did his jam, Blurred Lines, which I love.  Then what happens?  Miley does what I didn't think anyone could do to the 2013 dance hit... ruins it.  More than ruins it if possible!  I see a lot of people dancing, some good and some not so good.  This, right here, was horrible.  Not just the dancing, but the whole thing, from start to finish.  The bad Auto Tune (which I hate to begin with), the lack of any kind of actual dance routine, and even the fact that no one... NO ONE... in the audience enjoyed her performance!  

Girls that are in High School, listen to me.... this ISN'T hot!  This ISN'T attractive!  This ISN'T what you need to idolize.  I feel bad for the next generation... this is what they think is amazing!  It's not!  Don't believe me?  Look at Will Smith and his family!  I'd rather have lunch with them, ANYday!  Rant over, enjoy your week folks! - Jared  :-)

OH PS - Just a few short years ago, the video below was considered "Dirty Dancing".  Miley needs to be put in the corner... for a LONG time.  


Smith Family VMA 2013.jpg