21st Century Wedding Planning - Communication

So in the last posting of embracing 21st Century Wedding Planning, we focused on Organization.  Mainly, we talked about Google Drive, Facebook and Skype.  Some mentioned that Skype and Facebook were more of a "Communication" tool rather than a "Organization" tool.  I can see your view point, but, as you will see below, the way I view "Communication" is a little different.  So without further delay, let's take a look at 2 different ways you can stay in touch with your Bridal Party, Wedding Professionals, Families and Friends during the daunting process of planning your wedding, as a 21st Century Bride!

Pro 1: No matter if you have Android, Windows, Apple, Computer, Tablet or even a FLIP PHONE, you are able to use this app!  This is a great tool to communicate with up to 50... yes 50... different people.  GroupMe encourages you to focus more in the area of 4-10, mainly because all messages go to everyone, every time.  However, you can have multiple groups, so there is nothing stopping you from having "Bridal Party" group, and a "Wedding Professional" group, and even a "Family" group, so that way you can message everyone important details on whats going on with the planning!  

Pro 2: This might just be me, but I like an app that has been around for a little while.  I have been using GroupMe for a few years now, and it's honestly really reliable.  That is a big perk for me.  I like being able to "trust" an app to do what it's supposed to do, and as simple as GroupMe is, it's nice that it works.

Pro 3: Two abilities that are new, and are awesome are Muting and Direct Messaging.  Granted, you could probably just directly text the person you want to message, but the Direct Message ability is kinda nice to keep everything in one spot.  The Mute button is great for those people that you just are tired of listening to, or groups that you want to silence for a little while.  Like I said before, GroupMe is a great, established company that isn't going anywhere soon. 

Pro 1: I was one of the first few that got access to Google Voice when it first came out, and I have been using it for Sure Tones Entertainment's main phone line ever since.  The ability to literally have one number call multiple different phones is amazingly awesome, especially when you might be working, or living apart while planning.  One number that will ring your cell phone, your fiancees cell phone, your home number and your work number (or any combination you wish) is SUPER handy.

Pro 2: Since it is from Google, it integrates well with Gmail and other Google applications.  I would like to see it play a little nicer with certain services, but it is getting there.  You have the ability to predetermine where certain calls go, if you wish.  As an example, let's say that you want all calls from Sure Tones Entertainment to go to you.  You can jump into Google Voice, and tell it to send all Sure Tones Entertainment calls to your cell phone and work phone only.  You can do this as many times as you would like for as many numbers as you want!

Pro 3: I don't know if this works for Apple, but I know on Android, there is a pretty nice app that will allow you to text and receive text transcriptions of voicemails left.  Being able to text and call via the Google Voice number is pretty rad! (yup, just said rad!)