You Like Us... You Really Like Us!!

Whelp, for the third year in a row, Sure Tones Entertainment has won's "Best of Wedding's" award.  This award is given to the top 1%... yup, that's 1%... of ALL the Wedding Professionals on the network.  That means for every 1,000 professionals, 10 were chosen.  Out of every 10,000, only 100 were chosen!  We were part of that 100!  In all the nation!  How cool is that?!  The reason I am so pumped about this?  This shows that not only are we a STABLE and RELIABLE full time Wedding Industry Professional, but it also shows that Brides still love us AFTER the wedding is over.  I can't thank my parter, JT and all the musicians, bands and helping hands that we have enough for all the hard work you do.  On top of that, a HUGE thank you goes to all the Brides that got on and gave us great reviews after their event!  A million times, thank you for allowing us to continue to do something we truly love! - Jared :-)